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  • What services do you offer?
    CMG International Moving offers a full door to door service which includes packing materials, packing, wrapping, disassembling, loading, transport, compulsory port charges, delivery to destination residence, unloading, unwrapping, unpacking, reassembling and debris removal.
  • Can I pack/unpack myself to reduce the cost?
    Absolutely, it is entirely up to you to decide if you prefer a full service or a part service, how we call it. However, a full relocation comes with many challenges throughout the transit process and the experience of a relocation company can help you to avoid all these unnecessary, stressful challenges. When you visit a new country as tourist, you hire a guide to assist you presenting the most beautiful sightseeings. When you are moving nationally/ internationally, it is great to have the similar kind of support from a dedicated team of professional and reliable movers and packers who can take away all the stress involved. Here comes the best part- we might be able to assist you on a much better cost than you had previously planned. Our trusted partners give us their best rates, plus we do the whole admin work for you and negotiate on your behalf. This means that you will have our best offer, support and advice throughout the entire relocation process, until your consignment arrives at your destination residence.
  • How much notice do you require?
    The more notice provided, THE BETTER! Even if your relocation takes place in six, eight or twelve months, it is always preferable to start organising as much as possible in advance. Sometimes, bureaucracy for certain services, like Customs or Insurance documents, tends to take more time than planned and it is always great to have all covered by the time you already had decided on a collection date.
  • What packing materials do you use?
    We supply all sorts of different removal boxes from flat pack cardboard boxes right through to large shipping boxes. We have all the packing materials and hire crates you need, including bespoke crates made to protect large, fragile, costly or any unusual items.
  • Are all port charges included in the quote?
    Yes, we include all compulsory port charges to insure that no extra costs arise during transit. We aim to provide you with a stress-free and smooth relocate and this involves 0 extra charges during charges. Expected charges that are not included are demurrage, x-ray, congestions, duties and taxes etc.
  • Is insurance included in the quote?
    Purchasing insurance is absolutely optional and, at the same time, highly recommended. When we provide you with our offer, we also indicate the Insurance policy and options. We have different types of insurances and our advisors are more than happy to tailor this specifically to your requirements and budget.
  • Do you also move cars?
    Absolutely! We can assist you with the relocation of you car on a full door to door service, however, moving cars has a complex process and it is not always financially viable. Certain countries charge very high duties on importing vehicles and other countries require work to be carried out to the vehicle so that it meets their compliance regulations. We can check all these for you and provide you with the relevant advice so that you can take the best decision.
  • Do you also move pets?
    Yes, and we are proud that we can offer this service together with the relocation of your belongings. We understand the complexity of handling house cleaning, house painting, belongings' relocation, pet relocation, flight tickets, hotel booking and much more. Therefore, we are here to take a least some of the services on our shoulders and give you peace of mind that your belongings and your lovely pets will be safely relocating with us. If we organise your pet transport then you really can trust that your pet will be treated with all of the attention, love and care that you would expect. We also make sure that your pet will undergo health checks with a vet before they fly. Please let us know about your pet relocation and we will put you in contact with our trusted partner so that you can be fully assisted.
  • What transport options do you provide?
    We provide transportation via SEA for international relocations and via ROAD for european moves. For relocations via sea, we can provide transportation via LCL (less container load), Groupage (shared container), 20ft containers, 40ft containers and 40ft High Cube containers.
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